Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Mother's Day

Okay so I've been working on knitty's Asana, for a while now, which is so so so close to being finished as you can see..... ( wow photobucket is really slow today)

I got a 10 pack of Rowan All Season Cotton, (cheap on ebay!! $22 to be exact from this lovely lady) for the pattern, which is what is used, mine is in a light purple color, though it looks kind of gray here, I think Ive used about 3 balls so far, I just have to finish the upper band then make the middle bands, then sew one the velcro, okay well thats a lot to do, but it looks like it almost finished and thats all that really matters, I haven't decided what color to do the straps, that would look best with the purple color, any suggestions?

So back to my original post, as the title shows,
Instead of finishing my many UFOS (just learned that one), I went to my LYS today and spent way to much money.... as always. I have decided to take take on 2 mothers day projects, here is some yarn I bought today, I will keep the suspense and not tell you what I'm making just incase my mother is looking!!

This would be 3 skeins of Rowan Kidsilk Haze (softer than imagined) and a skein of Euroflax 100% linen, 2 projects, how much time? So unfortunately you wont get any in progress shots for now, but after they are gifted I will share!!

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