Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Knit Swiffer Cover

So as soon as I saw this post on craftster, I knew that I must make this, my swiffer has been collecting dust because Im too cheap to buy more refills, and well the dollar store refill just plain suck. So here is my version of the swiffer cover of a different kind

Yarn: pink and purple Lily's sugar and cream cotton yarn (on sale at michaels) not quite 1/2 each color
Pattern: base pattern taken from mason dixon ball band washrag, modified to fit my swiffer cover, let me know if you need help I can write out what I did.

really quick and easy knit, It just took me longer to finish because I needed to go out and buy buttons for it, I picked up two yesterday since they were on sale 40% off at Joanns, got home to sew them on and realized I needed 4 woops! so I went back today to get the other 2 and managed to get them a little smaller, but who cares its only a swiffer cover, its gonna get dirty, oh and I strategically hid my loose ends which as of yet I have been too lazy to weave it, but no fear it will be done before going in for its first wash

so as I was at Joanns I have to show you what else I got
check out these way cool vintage buttons they have (40% off)
I thought they were really cute, not sure what Ill use them for yet but I will find something

and fabric remnants for needle holders, super cheap, purple one was 1.25, blue .65, black .89, and their all about 3/4 of a yard, way cool, and then I picked up some cotton flannel for blankets for my nieces, only $2/yd normally $5


  1. Hi,

    Your swiffer is so lucky to have such such nice cover.

    I love the fabric too. Beautiful.