Tuesday, June 12, 2007

New program I found from docs.google.com

Just trying out this new program. I'm slowing working on my summer time tunic just a few inches above the ribbing, Ive seen one already completed and its beautiful, I was worried about the size I cast on for but it looks like its fairly adjustable so it should be okay

after that I want to start working on my next project, actually its been waiting since before but that's the story of my knitting life, tons of to do's and not enough done,

Im using this new Google docs and spreadsheets to make this and hopefully it Will work with my blog spot page, looks promising,

I recently added some tutorials for my knitting accessories set, I still need to make one for the stitch markers and then Ill have some projects to do in my sidebar, my contribution to the knitting world,

okay lets try this out...

looks like it works, I was just getting annoyed at how little space blogger gives you to post and now I found this its awesome you should try it out

docs.google.com publishes to most all popular blogs, more space to edit I give it an A+


so Ive now noticed that you cant click on the pictures for the larger view..hmmm

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  1. Hi, there!

    Wanted to welcome you to the Knitting Blog webring!

    I like your needle cases!