Sunday, September 30, 2007

Jellyfish Progress.. finally some knitting to show

Im finally making some progress on the Jellyfish Shrug. This is a shrug my mom picked out for me to make for her, I am using Gedifra Beauty cotton in black, my pictures aren't showing the black so well, its coming along very easily, I am splitting the pattern in two, instead of knitting it all in one piece like the pattern, so the lace pattern will look the same on each sleeve. I really like this yarn, but I have had to make a lot of adjustments because its completely different than the pattern calls for, it really creates a beautiful looking and feeling fabric, feels very luxurious, I bought it on ebay fairly cheap with plans to make myself something, but its okay, I can always borrow it right.

I plan to use the kitchener stitch to graft the two halves together when Im done so there wont be any seam there.

I love this pattern and its a very easy repeat to learn

I'm trying to think of a good contest, using some of the stuff I like to make, I cant decide on one thing, so maybe Ill just have a contest for each of them, then I could get some feedback on whats good and whats not! some ideas are knitting project bags, which I love and use all the time, lavender pillows, needle cases, needle pouches, knitting needles (I have a lot of ideas and supplies for these). what does everyone think of those


  1. Secret Pal (Dishcloth Swap)October 1, 2007 at 4:48 AM

    You're thinking of having a contest with those items being the prizes? Uh, yeah where can I sign up for that? I am not a sewer but crave hand sewn stuff like that, so I'd definitely enter the contest if I could do it without revealing my secret identity.

  2. Marcie, That shawl will be so lovely. Lucky Mom. I think that people would love a hand made needle case, or small project bag. I will be happy to advertise it on my blog, just let me know. when. I just had a contest for knitting books and everyone seemed to like that.

  3. I read your comment on ravelry, definatly make to halves...the yarn you are using is showing the detail clearly and trust me you will be much happier with the final results of the lace pattern. Your shrug looks great, Happy Knitting!