Friday, November 16, 2007

I Need To Vent

okay I am so angry right now I have to vent it to the world here. I just received my 7th, yes thats 7th, dent on my 2007 Jetta from idiotic people who don't know how to open their car door without destroying mine. Is it that hard to open your door without denting the car next to you, I purposely don't park in tight spaces for this reason but I cant seem to get away from it. Seriously whats the deal, is everyone around me that ignorant?

Can someone please invent a contraption that I can put on my car when I park to avoid these people


sorry I had to get that out there


  1. I think for one thing, the parking spaces are too close together in that part of the country. But good golly, 7 times? Good luck.

  2. I am sorry to hear that. I know how you feel. Sometimes I think folks do it on purpose when they see a new car. I watched a local man in my town back into a person's car at the grocery store parking lot and then look left and right and pull away. I mean the man is a doctor in town! Amazing!

  3. I can totally sympathize My car is leased, its 2 years old with 2 years to go, we live in an apartment complex with no garages. Someone really opened their door hard into my cars front passenger side tire well, the dent is enormous, DH keeps wanting to get it fixed and i said not until we are ready to turn it in, I am not going to fix it who knows how many more times in the next 2 years. I also have quite a few others that will be paid for by dent insurance, but the big one broke the paint and rusted so thats on our dime!!!! It is frustrating, sorry you have to deal with it too!!!