Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter to all & Happy Anniversary to me

First off Alana was super excited that the Easter Bunny came to her house....

and Second, it is my 3rd Anniversary and my AWESOME Husband got me an AWESOME gift
I have this picture of my dad and I when I was a baby, it was taken January 1980, It's my favorite picture ever. I used to keep it in my old crx on the dashboard and over time it got super faded, and my nephew Aaron when he was 2, got a hold of it and bent it in half. Also my car was broken into and the police actually fingerprinted the picture because it was moved and it has black fingerprint powder stains all over it. This picture has been through so much. Then after I sold the crx, I've never been able to find the picture, and last month I was unpacking some old picture frames that have been in boxes since I moved in 2005 and guess what?? I found the old picture

Here is it, its one of those old pictures that are like 3.5x3.5 inches, notice the major fading on the bottom, and the crease in the middle...

Well for our anniversary David photoshop'd All the creases out, restored the color and then had the image printed on canvas and stretched into this huge reprint check it out....

I have to find a special place to hang it, its hard to take a picture of it indoors, its so beautiful, I'm kind of using the couch and sewing machines to gauge how big it is



  1. David, I love have brought such wonderfulness (and patience) to our family. As a husband to my daughter, a daughter to my daughter, a granddaughter for me and now this wonderful symbol of a father's love for his daughter...gosh you make me cry. What a wonderful gift of love.

    Love ya.

  2. David,

    I love you, too! :)
    That took me completely by surprise and I'm crying right now...happy tears. I'm so glad Marcie has you!
    Happy Anniversay Marcie & David!
    Happy first Easter, Alana!


  3. That is such an amazing wonderful gift! I love the picture ... your story is incredible (shoot, fingerprint dust?) but your husband tops it all :) Happy anniversary!

  4. That is a very special gift.

  5. That is some good photoshopping! And a sweet picture.

    I'd love to see your whole craft space! I see a peek of the machines but I want to see the whole set up!