Monday, July 27, 2009

Alana turns 1

Well Alana turned 1 year old last month. I really really want to blog here more its just so hard to find the time. I just need to make some time. I have been sewing and knitting a little here and

In this last month Alana has been walking all over the place and even climbing up the couch and chair and her highchair, yikes! She has learned to give great hugs and kisses and she can even give a high five. She is really starting to copy things we say and do. She loves to pick up my hairbrush and brush her little hairs. Towards the end of her 12 months she started getting 2 new teeth up top. She started swim classes and loves the pool. She is so much fun and we love her soooo much!!!

I have been getting more into photography again and we bought a new camera and I have been having so much fun with it taking pictures of Alana. I joined a new community called Clickin' Moms. They have a special through this month for 10% off using code FRIEND. Click below to check it out

Here are some of the pix I've been working on for her 1 year pictures. I've learned so much with the forums and tutorials there.

Here are some crafty things I've been working on

first are the soakers I made for my BG's cloth diapers, they are 2 layer trifold and also fit perfectly into my OS fitteds, sweet! most of them are bamboo velour/fleece but I made a few today that are bamboo velour/ hemp fleece. I love them soooooooooo much more than the stinky BG microfiber inserts

Here are some wetbags I made yesterday that I LOVE, they are cotton woven 1 mil pul laminated and a snapping strap, the pink gingham one I squared the bottom. I'm using these for daycare to put the cloth diapers into

Here is another hat I crochet'd for Alana, I love it so much but she won't keep it on her head.

and what do you know, some knitting, where it all started... here is a UFO, some longies I've had sitting around fo'eva that I recently picked up and started working on again, I started them leg up but gave up on it, so I'll figure something else out...

Thanks for reading my blog, maybe I'll be able to get on a schedule and actually do some posting

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  1. Happy birthday Alana! Beautiful pics of your little girl - nice work!