Wednesday, October 14, 2009

CLOSED-Big Contest - Win a 1 year membership from Clickin Moms


Didn't win? Still want to check out Clickin Moms. Anyone who joins using the link below and uses me for their referral will get 10% off now through November.

Contest end date changed - contest will end Friday October 30th, pst.

I have always loved photography and I became a member at Clickin' Moms when I started taking pictures of my daughter. When I first had her I kept going to the big chain photo places and spending a lot of time and money on sub-optimal photos. I wanted to learn how to take and process my own pictures to print.

I came across this community entering a contest on another blog back in July and I have never looked back. I have learned so many new techniques in photography, especially in processing. There are so many helpful friendly members there and tons of tutorials you wont find anywhere else. Vendors will offer their items at bulk discount and there is even a pay it forward forum where you can get tons of freebies.

I now have the opportunity to share with one lucky reader a 1 year free membership to clickin' moms. This is valued @ $50. No worries, you don't have to be a mom or even a woman to join, just someone who loves photography.

3 ways to enter and get extra entries.

1. Leave a comment here and tell me who/what inspires you to take photographs, or what you want to learn about photography or processing.
2. Mention this contest on your blog and link back to this post.
3. Mention this contest on Facebook and link back to this post.

Please be sure there is a way I can contact you, and leave a comment with a link so I can see the other entries.

Contest will end on October 30th pst. I will then pull a random entry out and announce a winner. The winner must be a new member and not an existing or expired member.

And wait there is more..... I will pick one more name to win a free month from Clickin' Moms, you will receive a paypal credit after you have signed up.

if you dont want to wait for the contest and want to join now be sure to click on the picture below to sign up.

clickin' Moms

fine print

contest ends October 30th pacific standard time
winner must be new and not an existing or expired member
winner for a free month must use my name (moosie) as your referral, by using the link in this post, after signing up you will receive a paypal credit for the amount of 1 month at Clickin' moms.
please link back to my blog when referring to this contest
I reserve the right to end the contest early if needed

here is a screenshot of some of the awesome forums that are available


  1. My inspiration for photography comes from wanting to capture the magic and memories of childhood. I don't want to miss anything, and I don't want to forget anything! It IS a bonus when someone sees a image you captured and asks "Who's your photographer?"

    Berritt (strawhatbrat on DSD)

  2. I dont know if I'm doing this right! I'm trying to enter. I'm Sheila a SAHM to my 2 beautiful Babies. I love photography, I love to take shots of my kids, and I love nature shots. Landscapes, sunsets, the works! I'm a beginner, but its still fun! I'd love to win!!!

  3. Thanks Sheila, your comment has entered you into the contest, Good Luck!

  4. I'm Gina (pregomama @ DSD) and I have always loved photography. My dad passes on his enjoyment I suppose, I remember him setting up still life's when I was little. I am inspired by my children's sweet faces. I love pictures that show their personality and vivacity and look good enough to be called art.

  5. What inspires me to take photographs is nature, as soon as I open the back door flowers and trees take my eye.


  6. I posted about it on my blog! Whoo hoo, another entry!

    (strawhatbrat on dsd)

  7. Entered again! Posted on my facebook :)

  8. Me too!

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  10. Im Claudia (Adisonsmum on DSD) and my kids are my inspiration, i love capturing moments and freezing them in time... my house is filled with random shots of them that I love that show their true personalities and not stated posed shots from studios! I also love taking outdoor shots and love capturing the beauty of nature!

  11. My inspiration for photography is nature. There is so much emotion you can capture in photographs. If there is something to learn about photography-I want to learn it! Currently, I'm very interested in composition and light.
    Facebook post :

  12. My inspiration is knowing you can capture a moment, look back on it years later and still get the same feeling.

  13. My inspiration comes from my children...trying to capture their excitement, innocence, their personalities...what fun!!

  14. Alicia~Shutterbugg ReflectionsOctober 24, 2009 at 6:06 PM

    My inspiration comes from just about everything that I see around me. From a butterfly to a gorgeous sunsetting behind a lone tree. It comes from everything and everyone around me. I love learning everything about photography and I try to learn one new thing each day.

  15. My name is Cathy and I love to take photos of my family and friends. I want to learn more about photo editing using photoshop elements

  16. My inspiration comes from my two grandsons. I love to catch their emotions. I also love learning everything I can about photography.

  17. Entered again...posted on my blog.

  18. Just found your blog and your exciting! I love photography and always trying to learn new things! I am inspired by my family and never go anywhere without my camera! I always like to capture the emotion. My youngest daughter plays hockey and I am always trying to capture her emotion/face as she is playing. It's difficut shooting in an ice arena but every once in a while I get a shot of her or one of her teammates thats truly amazing. I would also love to learn more about taking action shots. Thanks you so much for this contest and the opportunity to win a membership! Now off to facebook to post a link since I don't have a blog to post to :( Here is my facebook link..

    Thanks again
    kmeillier at msn dot com

  19. Great site! So glad i found it! I have been inspired as a professional photographers for 3 years now and am always excited about the uniqueness each images holds, the feeling you get looking at them and knowing that your work is hanging in peoples homes for them to look at, remember and smile. I've thought about joining clickin moms, now this is more of a budge! Thank you!

  20. My photography inspirations are my kids. I've been able to grow enought o do more than just capture them in an image. Now, when I see a photograph of them, I am ample to capture their innocence, their laughter, their mischief and everything inbetween. :)

  21. I am trying to learn how to make my photographs have that extra "pop". I am using Lightroom 2 and Photoshop3 for my post processing - and it is taking SO long - LOL! I need to learn a routine for all of my pics as I import them into LR, and then to take those pics that I am going to use and "pump them up" (do you know what I mean?) to make them have that extra special something I am looking for.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this amazing prize!

  22. I love photography because kids grow up way too fast! I have always enjoyed taking pictures, but when I got my first dslr it became more of a hobby. I want to capture my kids as they are today and look back and be amazed at how much they change.