Sunday, November 15, 2009

Patrick Raglan hoodie, sweatpants and some super cute ruffle pants

I snuck in some sewing time last weekend and finally cut into my pink skulls french terry I've been dying to make a little sweat suit out of for Alana, I decided to use the patrick raglan hoodie for the top and went a size up as suggested for heavier weight fabrics, its a little big but nothing she can't quickly grow into

she was busy playing with the water in the glass while I was trying to snap some pix, thats why she looks wet, and this picture was taken before I hemmed the pants

and I completely adore these ruffle pants, just a double ruffle attached to the bottom, and I'm kicking myself for forgetting that I bought a ruffle foot a couple months ago and not breaking it out, definitely more ruffles in my future

These are from an Amy Butler fabric, based off of the Jada Ruffle Pants pattern, I modified them to fit over her cloth butt, but very simple to make, honestly you could use any pants pattern shortened and add a ruffle to the bottom

btw these pix were at the park and there was a dad who just adored these pants, he thought they were so awesome and kept saying wow check those out


  1. Great pictures - love those pants :) I was wondering what kind of camera you used...I have an entry-level DSLR I have been using but have been saving my pennies to eventually purchase a Nikon D90. Your pictures are beautiful.

  2. Thanks for the comment!! I use a Canon 50D but you can totally do this with any camera, and you can make any DSLR work well. Just get a good picture sooc and then have fun with post processing, there are lots of tips and tricks to learn to get your pix to look good on the web, the best tip I got was to sharpen them for web!