Thursday, November 18, 2010

BFL Wool Roving Dyeing today

I pulled out some of my BFL wool roving to dye today. 3 4oz pieces, 2 hand painted and 1 kettle dyed. I was tired of looking at my undyed stash and decided to get to work on it. I mixed some dyes a few weeks ago and finally got a chance to put them to use.

I have 2 lengths drying and one cooling down. My Fuchsia bled really bad with my key lime and created orange, not what I was going for but it will work out okay, might try that one again later.

I'm trying to designate each day with something crafty I want to do. Yesterday I worked on some fabric flowers, no pix yet. I have Alana tomorrow so no time to be crafty but I'll come up with something else on Monday

Oh and I added a bunch of hats to my new store at Artfire.... check it out let me know what you think


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