Thursday, April 26, 2007

progress... okay I can't help but to post something

The last 2 days I have been working on my newest project, its a secret, its been a pretty quick knit, I just have to do the edging and I'm done, but its not that simple, I have about 460 stitches of mohair to picot bind off, which I have yet to try, that will probably take a few days itself, but its looking good so far... here's a sneak peak

Cant wait to see it off the needles and blocked, I've never blocked lace or anything thin like this so I will be off doing some searching on the best techniques. I will for sure have lots of yarn left over, for possibly another, in a different color combination, or maybe even another lace project, if I see something I like, any opinions or suggestions as what to do with left over kidsilk haze

1 comment:

  1. quick knit!! I'd be in the looney house. I admire those who do lace knitting. This looks scrumptious.