Monday, April 30, 2007

Monday is official show my stash day

Well here is some yarn I purchased from my LYS The Little Knittery a great little shop in Los Feliz. She had a huge sale and I managed to get my hands on this for 75% off, yep thats right $2.25 a ball, crazy, and I love it so much! I almost got hot pink too but someone grabbed the others while I was looking at one of the balls :0) So I was nice and handed her the one I had in my hand, since I couldnt do much with just one ball, while she had the other 4. I plan on using it for my nieces but not sure what to make with it yet

I love Debbie Bliss, its so soft and knits up great stitches, Cashmerino Chunky is made up of 55% Merino Wool, 33% Microfibre and 12% Cashmere and machine washable cold

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