Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Box Of Baby Goodies

This is a mix of sewing and knitting items I made and purchased for my oldest friend who just had her first baby, April 27th,

I think Im done, I added a few sewn items to the box yesterday since there was so much extra room, I had to fill the box to max capacity of course

I made the flannel blanket yesterday, took about a hour or so, I wanted some bold colors so I picked out two childrens flannel pieces and added satin blanket binding, idea from here

with the left over scraps I made a burp cloth, from this website

Then there is the knitted blanket, this was the first thing I made, I like it, but Im not super excited about it, thats why I got all this extra stuff, this is also why I went for bold colors on the sewn blanket

With the leftover yarn, I knit up a quick hat, and added in the letters LIL JAKE, though you cant see it too well

The baby gund elephant is a super soft stuffed animal I got at tuesday morning, along with the wrapped box which is a onsie purchased at the same time, I had to wrap something, I used to work customer service at hechts when I was in college, and I was really into the giftwrapping which was part of our job, when they got new supplies we got to take home the old stuff, so I have tons and tons of wrapping paper, wire edged ribbon and the little do dads that go on top, ( the rattle)

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  1. Very nice package! I'm in the process of putting together a bix batch of knit hats for my first niece, due in August. Love the brightly colored blanket, both of my girls had bright stuff - no pastels here - and I'm convinced it makes them more interesting people. :)