Tuesday, August 14, 2007

First attempt dyeing wool with Kool-Aid

I had so much fun doing this, Its amazing how quickly the wool sucks up the color, I chose to use Kool-Aid since its so cheap and the colors look so great from what Ive seen. I purchased some knit picks super wash merino but got to anxious waiting for it in the mail so I bought some wool from Joann's, its near impossible to find 100% wool in these places, so Its not the best yarn its quite rough but it was my only option, so when I get my knit picks Ill be ready to go.

First of course, I wrapped the yarn around two chairs to make big loop, then tied of 4 sections, then put it in water to lightly clean and get wet. I used Grape, Cherry and Strawberry Kool Aid, 1 packet each Jar, the Grape I used 2 packets since I was putting twice as much yarn in there, I used the four sections that were tied off to be (red, purple, pink, purple) no self striping for me yet

I found that The Cherry and Strawberry looked almost exactly alike when I tested a strand, so the mixture of Strawberry I had, I dumped out 3/4 of the dye and added more water, which created more of a pink, instead of red.

Here is the original test, see the cherry and strawberry look very similar

I chose a stove top method, I got the idea from this craftster post, putting it in jars and then putting the Jars in a pot of water, it didn't take long for the water to turn clear, maybe 20 minutesThere a 1 loop in each of the reds, and two in the purple

Then I set the Jars aside to cool, that took forever, when It was not as hot, I put the yarn in the sink with water at the same temperature, then let it soak there until cooler,

This is the best picture for accurate colors

then I hung it to dry, I was so impatient during this, I just wanted to play with it so bad, then around 11pm I couldn't stand it anymore I took it down and began a swatch, I was so giddy, I love the colors sooo much, I am so gonna do more of this
As you can see the white parts in the middle stayed white, The dye sucked up into the yarn so quickly, I didn't get much time to try and get the white parts in the dye, I'm sure I could of hand painted those parts with more dye but I was impatient I couldn't wait to see what I had created, its a cool effect, but will dye those parts next time

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  1. OOOO, that came out SO WELL! What does it want to be?