Thursday, August 9, 2007

SwallowTail Shawl is now blocking...yes!

WOW I did it! I finished my swallowtail shawl, I thought this day would never come, yeah, now I can start a new project!! I have been only allowing myself to work on this so I could finish it. Well here are some pix of my blocking progress and measurements before and after

I used a dab of Johnson's baby shampoo, I have yet to try any special cleanser yet, I really love the smell of baby shampoo so It works for me

here is it is after I finished casting off, btw, was that cast of method specific to this pattern or just another way to cast off??

and finally my favorite part of the whole knitting process, blocking, bringing it to life and all its glory, how is my blocking looking? this is only the second lace piece I have ever blocked. The top corners look a little weird, am I being to aggressive, this is 100% extra fine wool, I read you can be more aggressive with wool, any tips out there?

Here is the widest measurement before and after blocking, looks like I gained about 11 inches


  1. ya I got a comment, I was begining to think I was all alone here..

    Thanks so much,

    its a rosy pink red, I cant get a true color on my digital camera, Ill try a shot of the ball of yarn in the sun and see if that is better