Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Groban Weekend

Well, I haven't done much knitting in the last week, I started two new projects before that, one being the Kasbah belt which was a free pattern from Wildfiber in the store

the other project is the ballet sweater from speed knitting, since I have tons of La gran and no ones wants to buy it I started using some of itThe ballet sweater is coming along very speedy as the book titles it, I only have the sleeves and straps to finish, maybe this week

I had a fun filled weekend with Josh Groban, I didn't, I saw his show in Anaheim, I just love it, so much fun, before the concert I met his Dad and his manager and his opening act Angelique Kidjo, all very nice people, I didnt get to officially meet Josh yet, as many contests that I entered, but one day I hope it will happen, we had 6th row seats and they were great, stayed up at the stage for the last 5 songs, AWESOME

Well back to knitting, I did get 2 new books in the mail this weekend, knitted flowers by Nicky Epstein and 200 Crochet blocks by Jan Eaton, I adored this baby blanket made by Angelknits so I want to try to create my own using the patterns in that book

So as soon as I come off my Josh Groban high and get over my PCD Ill start knitting again...


  1. SO Envious!!! I adore his voice (not to mention him, but anyway!) I missed him the last time he was in Houston, and hopefully he travels through again. Squee! ;)

  2. Hi :) I just found your blog here ( Where in VA are you from? I just moved to Va Beach last year. . . we love it down here!

    Also, noticed you have copious amounts of the le Grand mohair. I knit a couple really neat scarves with it, knitted together with Plymouth Eros in a complimentary color. Basic garter stitch on sz 13s. They're more for a fancy coat than for warmth, but the people I gave them to really liked 'em!

  3. As a former hippy, just trying to give you an age range here, Josh is certainly one of the best singers to come along.
    Really like the color of your ballet sweater.

  4. Hi, I found your blog from knittinggal's site. Nice to meet a fellow Groban fan (I saw him in Atlantic City in July) and knitting vegetarian. Go Veg!

  5. Your stitch markers are beautiful. I espeically like the turtles; very whimsical.