Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Felted Flowers

I started a new project, I'm making the Felted Tulips from Pick Up Sticks, I got the pattern on sale a few weeks ago, I also purchased the Daffodil and the Poinsettia Wreath.

I'm planning to make six flowers in 3 different colors, I'm using Cascade 220, I've made one so far and am felting it right now to see if it looks okay, I used my I-cord maker for the stem so it ended up a really tight gauge, not sure how that will felt, I did take some picture pre-felted.

This is going to be a bouquet to go along with the swallowtail shawl for the my Grandmothers 90th birthday

Check out the cool video of how the Embellish Knit! works, its a life saver I love it and I recommend it to all who knit


  1. Hey video is great...nest time say hi!

  2. Man, you make the icord makers looks so easy. On mine, my handle doesn't turn very smoothly. I also think maybe my problem is my yarn. I will have to try it some more - I might of given up too early last time.

    Thank you for your video!