Wednesday, September 19, 2007

stripey goodness

Just a quick hello before I head off to work, I knit up some of that sock yarn I dyed last week to see how the stripes would look, pretty cool, I'm loving it.

I cast on for the Jellyfish Shrug last night in some black cotton, not what the pattern calls for, but Im going for something more solid and warm but still with the delicate lace sleeves, the swatch I did looked great, so hopefully I figured out the gauge correctly

I have been doing more sewing also, I made a case for my circular needles, no pix yet, Ill take some tomorrow, and I added some fun items to my etsy account, I have only bought stuff on there, this is my first time selling, I'm not expecting to much, its mostly for fun

Well gotta go get ready for work, I thought I would bring this pic back up to life again, ooh yeah, what a hottie, I love me some superman


  1. sock yarn looks just as hot and the shawl looks good too. Have fun at work!

  2. Great sock! Tom Welling is sooo dreamy, isn't he? I am a huge fan of Smallville and am anxiously awaiting the season premiere. I've been watching the reruns of last season to gear up for the premiere and I get so wrapped up in them that every now and then my husband turns to me on the couch and asks worriedly "You do realize these people are not real, right honey?" He he he.

  3. Thank you for the pic, it was much appreciated!

  4. I love that sock yarn!!!!!!! Can I get some in those colors?