Sunday, September 9, 2007

A Whole Entire Crafty Day

Well, My husband had to work this weekend so I was left all alone to craft all I wanted, I tried a couple different crafts today all while doing Laundry

I've wanted to make some lavender soap with lavender I bought at the Farmers Market, Though I'll probably never really made soap like my sister, My Joann's was just revamped and now has a cute little soap/lotion/candle/lip balm section, so I bought some pre-made soap in a big block and melted it down, added Lavender Oil and Lavender buds

Although it smells wonderful, it looks to me like there are bugs in it, scary, maybe I should of grinded the buds, I'll try that next time

Here is some more work with the lavender, my other plan for it, lavender pillows with my scraps, I knew I was saving those scraps for something, these are going to live with my yarn in their baskets, to keep pesky things from eating my yarn...
mmm I love the smell of Lavender

Oh and the fun didn't stop there, I bought some wood letters a few weeks ago to try something I saw on "Creative Juice" These are the initials of my newest niece Addison

Each letter separate to see the designs, just scrapbook paper glued on, I haven't decide if I want to put a coat of "Diamond Glaze" on top, or if I'm even sure it will work

Then I added Green ribbon to the edges with the glue gun, lots of curves and very tedious

Well then I decided to make myself a new Knitting Needle holder, I have lots of fabric reserved for these, to be gifted and possibly sold... we'll see about that,
I need more practice, I do a lot of sewing before thinking here and you can see I forgot to add the ribbon, but no worries, Its still open on the bottom and I can still add it,

I can't seem to find my green thread, which I know I have, so I can't top stitch it yet, but I still love it, I added some interfacing so it feels nice and sturdy

And well just for fun a close up of the fabric

and Last but not least the progress of those lovely Tulips, the knitting part was a breeze its just the finishing thats getting to me,
all I have left to do is sew the petals of the pink and purple flowers and I'm done!!
Oh! btw, I intended on having 6 tulips but I have to ship it tomorrow so shes only getting 3 for now!

phew! what a day, but I got a lot of projects done Ive had waiting around, it was fun


  1. You had a very crafty day. I love the letters. They are so sweet. I wish I had time to get that all done. The boys just won't allow it. Well, there will always be next Saturday, football. This Saturday I took my first sewing class and how to use my machine I got for Christmas.

  2. Wow, you are one crafty girl. All you goodies are so sweet and well done. I am glad I stumbled onto your blog....I enjoy it very much. Congrats to Sonya on winning.

  3. What a wonderful gift. You sure were a busy girl.

  4. Very, VERY nice! I love the tulips! and the letters, what a great idea! You were BUSY!