Monday, October 8, 2007

Finished Knitting - Childrens Cotton Hat

This really is a last minute knitted gift for my niece's bday next week, very quickly knit

Well I really like this yarn, it is so soft, but of course cotton can really cramp your hands when knitting

I used some of my homemade DPNs since I haven't purchased many different sizes, this was the closest I had for the yarn, I did get gauge perfectly though

Now I'm stuck on how to finish it, I want to use ribbon in the eyelets and have a knitted flower where the tie would go, but Im not really liking this ribbon and cant tell if I should use this flower

its a flower from Nicky Epstein Knitting Flowers, but not sure if I should try it in a more contrasting yarn or leave it with the same yarn

Pattern: Children's Cotton Hats from Last Minute Knitted Gifts
Yarn: Patagonia Nature Cotton, 214
Needles: Handmade size "8" DPNS
Size: Toddler
Notes: no modifications to actual pattern, gauge was exactly as for pattern

I dont know if I like it as of now

Here are some other pictures, that make it look kinda wonky

and in progress with my handmade DPNS and stitch marker


  1. That hat is precious! I say keep the flower, especially if she is young. As far as ribbon goes, what about a dark pink ribbon. Your first picture the hat looks like red and orange in the 2nd and 3rd it looks pink.

  2. Hi Holly, yeah I had issues photographing the actual colors of the yarn, Ive added some pix I took when I bought it that show the more true colors,

    Thanks for the feedback, I may try another ribbon, I think that is what was bothering me most, I hadn't thought of a darker color, thats sounds nice!! also maybe something slightly thinner and more sturdy may be better for me too!

  3. I love making these hats. I've made 3 already and they really knit up quickly. Love the flower and I agree that you could just do some experimenting with the ribbon. Definitely keep the flower though!

  4. IT is a darlin Hat. Hooray for a pattern that works as is. I was beginning to worry that there weren't any out there!

  5. I think it's adorable. What's wrong with the ribbon and flower? I think they're darling. You made your own dpns? Sheesh. I'm impressed.

  6. I received my package today. Thank you so much! I love everything. I am a total bag junkie and I love the Trader Joe's bag. The facecloth is so soft! Thank you so much!