Monday, December 3, 2007

Some pictures for your viewing pleasure

I finally found some Camo colored yarn, I was looking for the Lornas Laces Worsted in Camo at a nearby lys and they are always out of that color, I went again last week and they are no longer carrying it, so I went to wildfiber and they had this super soft merino wool in a color called Camo, how cool, but it was a bit pricey, I've already made a hat with it and have enough left over to make another or even some mittens maybe

The yarn is Pear Tree Australia 100% merino wool knitting yarn in color "Camo" I haven't been able to find out much about it on the internet

I made a simple hat with it, but I want to try to add the fake mohawk to it, Im having doubts, I need figure out a way to only felt the mohawk part, so it will stay upright, it looks like a long tedious project, so we'll see if it I do it, Ill show some action pix when I go home for christmas, since its a gift

I was cleaning up a bit today, well a lot, I'm so ready to get rid of so much stuff, its a lot of work, well I came across this cotton yarn I attempted to dye with RIT and Dylon, which took several attempts, and I learned from this experience only to dye wool or animal fibers, no more cotton, but I thought I would show it off anyway

I would like to start on my Christmas cards today or sometime this week, this year I found this cute little kit from Joann's which I used my coupon for, woohoo, I hope its not too much work, but it looks pretty kewl!

Lastly today I just want to say how proud I am, I love to plant flowers in pots on my patio, but I can never seem to keep them alive, I've now realized its lack of watering, but look I've had these flowers since August, and their still alive, (thanks to my husband who really is the one who remembers to water it) but its a first, yay! and their so pretty out there

And while actually watering my plants quite often, we started to notice this little green thing sprout out of an old pot that an old plant had died in last year, it grew up pretty quick and looks like this now, I wasn't sure where it came from, or if a bird had maybe dropped a seed in there or something, it just popped up out of no where and looks now like its going to bloom

so today I looked back and noticed in this picture, which is also in my header above, duh! This is what used to be in that pot, which dried up and died soon after

Its the same plant, crazy, its been gone for a year now and just suddenly came back :0)


  1. I really think the dye job turned out great.

  2. Don't ya just love it when a plant comes back to life? We had that happen this year with some impatiens. We didn't plant them this year for the first time in years and apparently they want to come back!

  3. Well, I think your RIT dye yarn is spectacular. THe colors are so like the post image just below it. Did you notice?