Friday, December 7, 2007

knitting ball ornaments and prizes

I saw this post on and I just had to try it, I bought some Styrofoam balls and used some leftover acrylic yarn. following her tute, I hot glued one end of the yarn onto the ball, wrapped until fully covered, then hot glued the end of the yarn. I poked ornament hangers into the ball and formed a loop with them at the top, adding a beaded embellishment to the hook. Then I cut down some bamboo skewers I had, hot glued a wood bead to the end, then painted and added a rhinestone to the hole at the top of the wood bead

I'm not sure which look I like better

I think I have finished up most of my cards, now I just want to print out a little note to everyone to slip in there and sign them, I couldn't find any Christmas related stamps at Joanns so I bought a set of letter stamps, and I actually stamped Merry Christmas in individual letters on most of these cards, yikes, am I crazy, here is how some of them turned out

There were a couple that said Merry Christmas on the fronts so I added some foam stickers inside instead of the stamps

Also in other news, I won a contest over at Knitterella
this is the first contest I've ever won!!
She has a great blog, go check it out when you get a chance
I won a set of her knitting note cards, the new variety pack, they are so cute, and I plan to use them when I give away knitting gifts,

And lastly I want to share with you a little wip I found recently when cleaning, I just finished the seams and added a little flower on the front, then bent some wire to make a hanger, Im not sure what to do with it but its super cute

I used a pattern from Weekend Knitting by Melanie Falick, its the egg cozy pattern, I had some yarn left over one day at work and decided to use it for this pattern, since I had no other work with me at the time


  1. It all looks fab! I want to do those yarn ball ornaments!

  2. You could use the cute sweater as a ornament for your tree, for one of your knitted objects this year. Your cards and ornaments turned out so cute.

  3. Love the ornaments. The little sweater is darling. You are very talented in what you make work.

  4. Wow those yarn and needle ornaments are great. You are a clever girl! I make little sweaters and hang them on my Christmas tree. They look too sweet. You cards are really must be busy 24/ go!