Monday, January 28, 2008

little bits of knitting

Did anyone else see the ad on about a possible NKOTB reunion, holy moly, the moment I have been waiting for. I'm so there, front row, awww yeah! hehe

I did a little bit of knitting since I last posted, some wool soakers for the baby, here they are

The first is made with some malabrigo I have been pondering on what to do with, its so soft and lovely, I didnt want to waste it on anything, so using a little less than one ball I made this using the ottobre soaker pattern from here ...
it knit up very quickly, just one night for me, but the pattern calls for roving and garter stitch, instead I used size 8 needles (I think) and stockinette stitch, looks good to me

used my knitting machine, which was awesome, I've had that for at least 6 months and this is the first time I've used it. Then today I knit a big square with some cascade 200 I had leftover from the felted tulips. Then I partially felted it so I could cut it up and sew a soaker, crazy huh, but I really wanted this stripy colors and I'm pretty sure I wasn't gonna find a sweater like that at the thrift store

The pattern I got off the yahoo group here but I think it is also on someones blog here
but the blog doesn't include the pattern pieces to print which are on the yahoo group

so I think I partially felted it a little too much, because it lost a lot of its stretch, but its still super cute!!

we find out on the 8th, what were having, if its not a girl, then I'll just have to save these for the next one :0)


  1. Those soakers are soooo cute! I especially like the green and pink one! Guys can wear pink...I say let him wear the awesome soaker if it is a he.

  2. I love the pink and green soaker!

  3. they look awesome! How cute cute cute! I didn't know you bought a knitting machine? Which one did you get? I have one and absolutely don't like it. It just doesn't work well and is frustrating. It also takes a long time b/c it always wants to snag or fall apart. Anyway - cute stuff! I'm trying to make a Valentine's day sweater for LuLu - but I probably should start an Easter sweater instead so that its more likely to actually be completed.