Monday, August 24, 2009

Fishsticks sewing patterns - go get 'em

I finally opened my fishsticks patterns, emmy dress, patrick raglan and pants
and I love them, so easy!!

If you are a beginner sewer or just not super advanced I would recommend these patterns, they are so simple and easy to use and you get such a cute product from them. I get frustrated with commercial patterns, they are so confusing to me, these are very straight forward with real pictures.

I cut out the pattern so long ago I don't remember what size or if it was supposed to be dress or shirt, looks like a cute dress on her
I used cotton hearts fabric and bamboo jersey for the solid, I am very impressed with myself on this one, no mistakes or problems like I usually get

Next is 2 curved raglans, the first one turned out pretty well it just makes her look like a boy so I tried a girly version but that one is all crazy wonky, and I thought it was a pink/white stripe but afterward I realized it was pink/cream. I think I will go back and at least work on the neckline.

The pant were made from bamboo denim, using the AJ bottoms pattern. I love them, I just didn't hem yet, I left the bottom frayed and only rolled up the cuffs which I like

On the blue one I also did a narrow hem and tried to get that wavy effect, kinda sorta worked

Infant Sun Hat
I'll have to go back and look for the pattern name and number, I did use a commercial pattern for this, but it was simple enough to sew on my own, since I really didn't understand the directions.
lastly is a hat I made her a couple weeks ago that I LOVE, I actually wanted to use a different fabric but she was napping in the same room my fabric was in so I used this, so I will be definitely making another


  1. Hey, Are you interested in selling your Emmy Top pattern? Thanks! ~Monica~

  2. hmm, haven't thought about it and I think I just upgraded to the bigger sizes. it's just a great pattern I'm not sure I want to give it up. :0)

    Too bad you just missed a great sale at her new Etsy shop

  3. Ok, thanks! If you change your mind let me know. :)