Wednesday, September 9, 2009

ArtFire - Contest - Win a FREE FOR LIFE account

*10.18.09* right now the first 3 people to sign up for a verified account using "moosie" as their referral will get their first month free, just sign up and once I get verification that you used my referral name, I will credit you via paypal for $12, this ends Friday 10.23.09

So here is your chance to get:

1)A free lifetime unlimited Artfire account


2)A free month of an Artfire verified account.

If I can get 12 people to sign up with a verified paid account, I can get it free for life and then I can pick 1 person to get it free for life.

So if you want to sign up, use the link below, and make sure my username "moosie" is in the referral box, and then message me with your username. I will be contacting you through ArtFire to confirm your account.

If I get 12 people to sign up I'll randomly pick one of the first 12 for the free for life account. Sounds awesome huh!

For the other 11 who sign up with a verified account using "moosie" as the referral during the contest, you will also be entered into a random drawing for a free paid month of an Artfire verified account.

Click This Link To Register on

How did you hear about ArtFire: Art Fire User
ArtFire member who referred you: Moosie

When filling out your form you first pick Art Fire User and then a new field will pop up to enter the person who referred you

This is how it looks:

* User Name:
This will also be your studio name
* Password:
* Re-type your password:
* Email:
* Retype your email:
How did you hear about Artfire?
Account Security Question:
Security Question Answer:
ArtFire member who referred you:


You must sign up as a paid verified member for the referral to count (Basic signups who later convert will NOT count).

Both contests end once 12 people have signed up, I'll do my best to keep you posted each day. To keep it fair only the first 12 people who sign up for a verified account are eligible to be picked for the free for life account. Any questions please message me. your free month will entitle you to a $12 credit to your paypal account.

1 free month contest is eligible to anyone who signs up for a verified paid account no matter how many entries.

You can only qualify for the free for life membership if 12 people sign up for a verified account. I can only give out 1 free for life membership, chosen at random. If I do not get 12 verified accounts, then no one will qualify.

my username "moosie" has to be in your referral link in order for you to be eligible

this offer is for a limited time on ArtFire, Contest could end at anytime, once they announce the end date I will have 30 days left to offer this promotion.

this is from their site:
for a limited time, you can earn an account with full functionality and the ability to list unlimited items in your Fusion Studio absolutely free for life! Just refer 12 of your friends and when they join as a Verified member you, PLUS a friend of your choice receive a Free Ride!

details about the verified account:

Full Feature VERIFIED Account ($12/month)
* No Listing/Final/Hidden Fees
* UNLIMITED Active Listings
* Full Custom Fusion Studio
* Personal Domain / URL
* Free Web Hosting of Your Studio
* Preferred Placement in Searches
* Enhanced Customization Options
* Up to 10 Pictures Per Product
* Up to 99 Studio Categories
* Multiple Quantity for Items
* Full Community Interaction
* Social Media Promotion Tools
* Rapid Cart (sell on your blog!)
* Market Hub (Link to ETSY)
* Add Custom Widgets in Studio
* Integrated Payment Processing
* Google Analytics & Site Statistics
* Global Shipping Profiles
* Social Media Resource Library
* Live Instant Flagging
* NEW! Facebook Kiosk Application
* Categories Displayed Randomly
* Fast, One-Page Listing Process
* Sticky Cart (reserves buyers item)
* Fast, Accurate Filtered Site Search
* Quick One Button Relist
* Vacation Mode & Sales Mode
* Education/Training/Support
* Listings SEO Optimized
* Google Base (Auto Submitted)
* View Prices in Any Currency
* Kudos / Karma Feedback System
* Artisan Guilds
* Artisan Councils
* Artisan Profile with Photo
* Ability/Option to Accept Offers
* Credibility Program (Artifacts)
* Automated Markdown Manager
* No Third Party Ads on Listings
* Increased Trend Pages Exposure
* Increased Gift Guide Exposure
* NEW! Coupon Codes with Tracking

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