Monday, March 8, 2010

just a few random thoughts

I've been searching around looking at lots of inspirational sewing blogs. I have so many things I'd love to make and so much fabric to make them with. I'm afraid with the new baby coming I will never have time to do anything. So I feel the urge to get as much done as I can. I can't wait to confirm the gender so I can work on some cute quick baby stuff.

I am expecting #2 in August and cannot wait for all the new things it will bring in our lives. I have been neglecting my crafty side for a little while. We moved into a new apartment and the craft boxes just got pushed to the side while I unpacked everything else. I have kinda sorta organized it all in my walk in closet. woohoo no longer in the hallway. I can actually leave my sewing machines out and ready to use.

I'm going to try and backtrack where I last left the blog. In pictures that I've at least taken of my camera.

Here is a hat I crochet'd up for an online friend. I'm am totally loving making these hats and can't wait to get my hands on some great yarn to make some in more colors. I used Debbie Bliss pure cotton for this one. But a little too thin for me, so I hope to find something similar in a little heavier weight.

Here is a picture of the new little bean. Chillin out upside down with legs stretched out

Hey I've got a huge yarn destash going on over at Ravelry. Check it out, username moosieknits of course

Here is my little cutie dressed up for her valentines pictures, her cutie tootie cousins while we were home visiting, and one from her 18th month shoot.

Well I couldnt find much craft stuff in my flickr stream...... I'm working on some ruffled leggings and matching top, so hopefully I can get that worked on this weekend. I also made some bamboo prefolds for the little bean. I recently ordered a few patterns off etsy and some other coops, can't wait to try those out.

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