Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tutorial Tuesday and some crafts from me, yay!

I finally got a chance to take some pictures of a few things I've been working on. Lots of girly flowery stuff I'm having so much fun making for Alana. Though she doesn't need it all and probably won't use it all. Maybe I'll actually start listing some stuff in my artfire shop. I've been paying for it for a year and have yet to list anything. procrastination big time.

Anyway here are all the beautiful photos of stuff I've been working on, and lastly a tute for the week.

playing with my drop spindle, I plied to skeins of purewool lace weight. After practicing with this, I actually spun some fiber.. waiting for pix of that

mmm yummy!

Here are some fun fabric flowers I made using the DuhBe Flower Tutorial.
Through a lot of trial and error I came up with these, I think they will get better with more practice.

Hey my tutorial for the week.
An awesome etsy seller who shares her basic techniques for making these flowers. They look much easier to do then they are. But I figured out a perfect setting on my ruffler foot to get the gathers. Still working on the perfect thickness for my hair clips.
yep I turned them into hair clips!
Her Blog is great check it out

ooh more fun fabric flowers.
These are rolled fabric flowers and you can find tutes all over the internet.
Super easy to make. This flower was made into a hair clip that clips onto a headband.
I added some ribbon to the joining part of the headband
so that you can attach the hair clip.
Interchangeable hair clips.. totally awesome

I bought some of these ever so popular crochet beanies
and some fabric flowers to make some hats for photography.

I deconstructed the flowers, flattened the back by melting it, put them back together,
added a rhinestone to the center,
added a hair clip to the back and clipped it on the hat.

more flowers I purchased, deconstructed, and added a hair clip
these are quite big, so not sure how I will use them

just showing the matchy matchy hairclips attached to the back...ya go me

you may have seen these hats on my blog before. I love love love making them for Alana
and even made one for a friend to photograph for me. I picked up some more cotton yarn
to make more.

I recently purchased some organic cotton that I will dye myself to make
more. I hope to sell these in my Artfire shop.

What do you think?

yarn choices for now....

Being modeled by an adorable little friend. The yarn in this photo is different than the ones above.

are you still with me...
here is some fabric I cut out over the weekend. But didnt get a chance to sew
Hopefully next weekend

top to bottom:
Gracie Top - Portobello Pixie
Jada Ruffle Pants x 2 - Romeo and Mae
Pink Shrug

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