Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tutorial Tuesday! MADE tutorials

What a great incentive for me to post, 3 weeks in a row, I'm on a roll. Although I put my crafts down the last 2 weeks for my sanity. I'm still always searching for new ones. And this is my answer to l

Over on dana-made-it.com are some great fun and free tutes for kids clothes. My favorite right now is the 90 minute shirt.

photo from dana-made-it.com

She shows how easy it is to trace your favorite T and to even enlarge it to make your own tshirt pattern. And then goes on to give a great pictorial and directions for making a cute little tshirt. The fabric combinations are endless, though her tutorial includes using an old shirt, and up cycling. woohoo!

She has at least 10 different tutorials on her site, so get busy, and I will too..

oh and if you have a girl check out the Market Skirt, super cute!

photo from dana-made-it.com

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