Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tutorial Tuesday - Tshirt Necklace

image from wholeliving.com

I almost forgot it was tutorial tuesday, whew, just in time.

I'm sitting here watching Martha Stewart while I'm eating Dinner and they are doing this craft with tshirts that I think looks so cool. Its a tshirt necklace. Check out the tute here on her website

Martha Stewart Tshirt Necklace

taken from website:

Recycled Craft: The T-Shirt Necklace

The last time you made a necklace, it probably involved macaroni.

Here's an idea inspired by a project on the blog Cucumbersome.com: Turn an old shirt into a piece of wearable art that's quite grown-up.

Tools and Materials

* Soft cotton T-shirt
* Ruler
* Scissors or rotary cutter

T-Shirt Necklace How-To
1. Lay the shirt on a flat surface; cut off the hem and discard. Then cut the body of the shirt horizontally into strips approximately 3/4 of an inch long. (They will actually be loops.)

2. One at a time, pull the loops open and stretch until the fabric starts to curl. Stack the loops on top of one another so that all the T-shirt side seams are in the same spot.

3. Once you have the thickness you desire, wrap the seams with a scrap piece of fabric (about 6 inches long) from the same shirt. Tuck the end of the scrap under itself.

notes from the show:
  • approximately 20 strips for this necklace.
  • hold at each seam and pull to stretch and curl
  • pick up entire bunch at the seams, turn into a figure 8 and match seams, so their all on one side.
  • use scrap piece to make a loop and pull ends through loop, wrap excess around the seam to cover and tuck in the ends
When I get a chance to do this tute I'll put up my own pix!

images from website

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