Saturday, March 15, 2008

Some new things

Well I sure have been neglecting this blog. Its not that I'm not doing anything crafty, its just the pregnancy brain, I can't get anything done. I've been slowly knitting at my roll edge jacket. I have the back and 2 fronts done and half of one of the sleeves.

But I did mange to wip up a pair of baby longies, copying this super cute seller who makes these called crankypants. I use patons classic merino and followed this pattern here

here is a pic, although I don't have any black wool yarn right now, so he doesn't have eyes yet, I even thought about adding a cute pink tongue

this was the inspiration picture I was knitting from

Lastly I saw an episode of Martha Stewart and Etsy seller blackapple was on with a tutorial for making her black apple dolls, so cute and so easy, so I whipped these up just last night, one for my baby to be and 3 others for my nieces. I've never seen these dolls before but she is the highest seller on Etsy

You can find the tutorial here on Martha's website

hopefully I will get some cute baby knits done before this babe is born so I can share

until then I will post as often as I can remember :0)

Thanks for reading!


  1. The dolls are adorable!
    Congrats to you! I hope you have a very pleasant pregnancy.

  2. cute pants! Love the dolls as well, thanks for sharing the link. I think I may see these in my future!

    Can't wait to see baby knits with baby in them!!

  3. OH Moosie

    The pants are just too adorable. Nice post. SO bright and cheery!

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  5. Cute, cute, cute! Love those pants and the dolls are sweet. Thanks for the link!