Sunday, December 7, 2008

No I haven't fallen off the face of the earth

I just had a baby and well have spent my only free time with her and blogging on the baby blog for out of town family

I unfortunately was unable to knit during most of my pregnancy due to very painful and numbing carpal tunnel

but thankfully as soon as I gave birth that went away

I am stuck at work on-call and decided to come say hello, I'm sure there are some echoes, since I probably have no readers,

I have slowly started knitting again

I made a hat and bunny for a friend who had a baby, I knit a diaper soaker for a swap, and now I'm knitting some socks for my little babe

so hopefully I will blog ever so often to show the world what I can still make or maybe you will just see picture of her


  1. Congratulations! She's a little cutie and how fun are they to just watch? I watch my little one take in everything around him. You're lucky with the carpal tunnel/numbness. Mine got worse after delivery :( I still get some knitting in anyway.

  2. Congrats! She's so cute! Glad you're able to knit again. Must feel great!

  3. Congrats! She is adorable and I still check everytime I go through my blogroll.

  4. Congrats on the baby! She is adorable!

    Glad you are able to knit again.