Friday, January 2, 2009

Some knitted FO's - Stocking Cap for the babe

Here is my latest FO. Its the striped stocking cap from Itty Bitty Hats. I love having an itty bitty model, it makes my blog so much more cute! I used Jo-anns Angel Hair for this project, very slippery yarn, but very soft, I finished this hat in 2 nights, I made another hat for her the night before this, no pix yet, were lucky we have these.

Thats the hardest part about blogging, finding the time to take the pix then upload them then post. I was able to post these since I've had a few extra days off during the holidays.

There was a sweater (ravelry link) I started when I was pregnant, the Roll Edge Jacket from Simply Baby, I did manage to finish that before my pregnancy carpal tunnel got too bad, but I haven't taken any pictures of it. It is very large and won't fit her yet but maybe we'll do some model shots tomorrow for your viewing pleasure

I've finally started getting some knitting done lately, I just spend maybe 30-40 minutes a night after the babe has gone to bed to knit before I get so tired that I have to go to bed

Now that I have a baby instead of casually waking around 8 or 9, I get up at 6am every morning, to feed her, then pump then go to work or play with her because by then she is awake

Its crazy how much a baby will change an alter your life, but its in such a good and pleasurable way, life is so fun now, seeing her face smiling up at me as I pick her up out of bed is the best feeling ever. By the way, she still sleeps in our room, in her own bed though, I just can't get the courage to put her in a room all alone, all night, eventually, but not yet, I still need to hear her sleep as I wake during the night, listening for her

My, I'm rambling, here are some more pictures of the Stocking Cap

Yarn: Jo-anns Sensations Angel Hair
Needle: knit picks options size 9
Pattern: Striped Stocking Cap
Knit entirely with magic loop


  1. She is a cute model for your work.

    It is hard finding time with a wee little one, but you do get more crafting like knitting as they get older and then you find yourself taking your yarn and needles to ballet or piano practice (or for me baseball). Then they get big enough and they want to learn too and you can do it together. Fun times ahead.

  2. Oh so cute. And the hat is good looking too!