Sunday, April 4, 2010

A few things on the craft mind.

I've been having fun making rolled fabric flowers. Found a few fun tutes. I'll blog on those later when I have some pix taken.

I've been very intrigued with spinning my own yarn and hope to find some time to work on that.

I've been crocheting more cluster stitch hats, coming soon in a variety of colors and also knitting some hats with some fun colored and spun yarn off etsy.

now for todays post:

I cut these out the other night and locked myself in my room to sew them up yesterday

They are both patterns I purchased off of Etsy a few weeks ago, here are the links

Summer Wonderland Dress:

Dress Fabric: Pink Linen-linen look fabric from Joanns (40%off coupon)
Accent: Farmers Market Fall Medallion Bloom (on sale at
Mods: added two button/elastic closures on the backpros: not too many pieces
cons: not clear to me how to prepare the bottom back corners for adding the skirt, became a little messy. Straps seem too far apart. A little more difficult to me than it looked. I made a 2T and its a teeny tiny bit small at the arms/waist.

The patterns comes with pattern pieces for the straps and waistband but the dress part it just gives measurements for. Patterns are hand drawn and need to be taped together from your printer.


my cooperative model

okay now she is standing

here is a closeup of the back:

I used hair ties for the loops. The seam at the back where it opens on the skirt, actually ripped the first time I tried it on her. I did sew over the seam a few times but it still ripped, next time I would sew over it a lot more to keep it stronger

Fabric: Joanns linen / linen-look fabric in navy blue
Accent: Same as above
Pros: a lot easier than I thought
Cons: I made a 3t and its too big right now

patterns are hand drawn and include all pieces to sew the tunic

I might go back and re-sew just the part of the neck piece so its not blue on that fabric, kinda bugs me.

Thanks for looking

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